The Infinity Cat《無限喵》

Plywood     2017


I am fascinated by the form of the Infinity symbol, for its ever-changing shape and vitality.

May the Infinity Cat bring you Faith always, nurturing countless possibilities in life! 








A Happy Holiday 《大懶蛇》

Plywood  2016




Alternative Journeys殊途風光

Plywood     200cm(L) x 45cm(W) x 40cm(H)     2016

(Special Project of Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2016) 


Plywood is an essential element for the construction of buildings as well as real estate development in Hong Kong, it yields all sorts of possibilities to the city over the years. I decide to use the same material, but in an alternative way, i.e., to create sculptures, so as to launch the alternative journeys.


“Alternative Journeys” comprises three pieces of wooden boat sculptures. With different arrangements, joining and after treatment of plywood, it creates different unique lines and grains. Symbolically, each of the boats represents a particular kind of person that lives among our society, with a special set of personality, values and inner beauties. At first glance the three boats look alike, but if you take a closer look, you will discover that the lines and grains on each of them is indeed unique.


Audiences are free to sit and relax on the largest boat. To take a ride on it, one doesn’t rely on gasoline or water flow, but courage and determination. It is crucial to believe in the possibility in taking the alternative paths, to start a hunting journey freely, so as to discover the amazing scenery ahead. This is a feature of  “The Spirit of Hong Kong”.












In Praise of the Earth 《造物》

Wood     55cm(L) x 15cm(W) x 90cm(H)     2016


I simply enjoy having shrimps since I was young. Whenever there are shrimps during a meal, I would surely be packed with joy on my face and fullness in my stomach. Moreover, whenever I am holding a shrimp in my hand, I am always amazed by the wondrous structure of this interesting species: with six long whiskers, five pairs of legs, and a six-segment body – only the third to sixth ones bendable. 


This work serves as a tribute to the Earth, for its power in creation, as well as all of its inexplicable wonders and wisdoms. 










The Bunny Mountains  《賓尼山》

Wood        26cm(L) x 14cm(W) x 58cm(H)         2015


What have you found in front of you? Two mountains that are steep and dangerous? But I was told by a little boy that, all he sees is a pair of long bunny ears. Same logic applies to daily life – our thoughts and point of views are always led by our mentality, mood and emotions, be it conscious or not. 












Tea Time 《歎茶》
Mango Wood     38cm(L) x 20cm(W) x 70cm(H)     2014


This is a wood sculpture that made of mango wood, with a hand holding the lid of a traditional Chinese tea cup. Instead of re-creating the actual and usual shape of a Chinese tea cup that we used to see, the huge wooden tea cup here provides a slightly distorted version of it, in order to depict the sense of motion in terms of time, when we are spending an enjoyable moment in life, such as, a tea time. 






The Tree of Life 《生命樹》

Wood        1220cm(L) x 80cm(W) x 2000cm(H)        2015


For the growth and development of a tree, all depends on the soil, air and nutrition that it can possibly obtain and encounter during its life. So does a human life. Be it conscious or unconscious, willing or unwilling, we are all indeed nurturing our own “Tree of Life”, by means of the books we read, songs we listen to, people that we’ve fallen in love with, coffee and wine we drink… 


As long as we’ve once dedicated and tried our best in planting our own trees of Life, no matter how they turn out at last, be it tall or short; slim or bulky, each of them is equally lovable and respectable, since they are all true and honest marks of life in its purest form. 






Persistence Rocking Chairs   《堅持搖搖椅》

Teak Wood        26cm(L) x 14cm(W) x 24cm(H)         2014


 This is a pair of miniature rocking chairs that are made of teak wood. On the chair backs, it is the Chinese word for “Persistence”. With Persistence, one will never fall – this is the creative rationale underneath.  






Persistence Chairs No.1《堅持椅子一號》

Wood, Iron        80cm(L) x 33cm(W) x 115cm(H)         2014


A pair of life-size chairs. On the chair backs, it is the Chinese word for “Persistence”.






 If Not Now, When?《家陣唔做等幾時》 

 Wood     23cm (L) X 3cm (W) X 25cm (H)     2014






The Guitar Bench《結他凳》

Wood, Bricks, Leather    71cm (L) X 37cm (W) X 100cm (H)    2014






 The Tango Lamp《探戈》

            Teak Wood, Bamboo, Light      20cm (L) X 18cm (W) X 140cm (H)    2011






 A Total Refurbishment: the Classical Guitar《改改造造 1.0 》

 Classical Guitar, Leather    2011