Ankie Fok, visual artist and cultural worker in Hong Kong, also a member of the Hong Kong Sculpture Society that specializes in creating and designing modern wood arts and sculptures. 


Graduated from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Hong Kong with a Comparative Literature major, she had further studies in Film Professional Training in Art Direction at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education at a later stage. She started her own production unit, “One Fine Day Production” in 2011, focusing on arts creation by using wood as the major material. In August 2016, she was invited to participate in the New Art Force Exhibition by the Hong Kong Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery. In May 2016, her wooden art project “Alternative Journeys” was selected as a Special Project for the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2016. In 2015, she was selected as a finalist of the 2015 New Art Wave International Artist Award. 


Other recent exhibitions that she participated in included: Garden of the Artisans Festival (2016), Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Macao, Taiwan Inter-city Sculpture Exchange Exhibition (2014-16, Taipei, HK and Macao); the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Hong Kong Touch Art Festival (2014-17, HK); New Art Wave Expo (2015, Macao); “The Flow” Exhibition by the Jockey Club Lei Yue Mun Plus (2015, HK); Regeneration: Exhibition of the Hong Kong Sculpture Society (2014, HK); LotArt by Enlighten (2013, HK) and the Fotanian Open Studios (2012-15, HK).


In Arts Education, Ankie was an Assistant Instructor at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre in 2016 and was the Instructor/ Assessor of carpentry classes for The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association in 2012 – 13. Besides, she has been invited to share her creative experiences at different platforms, such as TVB Jade, the University of Hong Kong, Commercial Radio 2, DBC Radio and ARTRA Art Space.


On the cultural aspect, Ankie has worked in various TV stations, media groups, publishing firms as well as arts and cultural organizations since her graduation, including the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Up Publications, SingTao Daily, STAR TV and ATV, etc. She served as the Senior Editor/ Publishing Director for various publications. In 2013, she published her debut book "Persistence - the Actualization of Dreams of 12 Hong Kong / Taiwanese Artists”. Besides, she was the managing editor of “Mindless Mindfulness”, an art book of ceramic artist Rosanna Li as well as the publisher of “The Canvas of Life”, a drawing collection of disabled artist Ko Wan Man.




畢業於香港大學文學院比較文學系,其後在香港專業教育學院修讀電影美術指導 。2011年於香港火炭區設立個人工作室「混番日製作室」(One Fine Day Production),以木作為主要藝術創作物料。2016年8月,獲邀參與香港天趣當代藝術館的《新藝力 ﹣ 青年20》展覽。2016年5月,木雕作品《殊途風光》獲挑選為Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2016 的「特別項目」。2015年,入圍「新藝潮國際藝術家獎」。


其他近年參與展覽包括:Garden of the Artisans 藝術節 (2016)、兩岸四地雕塑展(2014 – 16,台北、香港、澳門 );第二、三、四屆香港觸感藝術節(2014 – 17,香港);新藝潮國際藝術學院新進博覽(2015,澳門);2015賽馬會鯉魚門創意館「流動」特色主題展(2015,香港);香港雕塑學會聯展:塑舊迎新(2014,香港);香港啟迪會:藝術品慈善拍賣(2013,香港);及伙炭藝術工作室開放計劃(2012 – 15,香港)。


藝術教學方面,2016年為香港視覺藝術中心擔任助理導師。2012 至 2013年,為香港女童軍總會擔任「木工章」課程導師及評核員。曾獲邀到不同地方作創作分享,包括:無線電視翡翠台、香港大學、商業電台、DBC數碼電台、ARTRA藝術空間等。


在文化工作方面,畢業後至今曾任職不同電視台、報章雜誌、出版社及藝文機構,包括:香港藝術發展局、上書局、星島日報、星空傳媒及亞洲電視等。曾為不同出版物擔任高級編輯/出版總監。2013年推出個人著作《有一種精神,叫堅持:12 位香港台灣藝術家的夢想營運之道》。其後為陶瓷藝術家李慧嫻著作《閒來無事》擔任執行編輯,並為展能藝術家高韻雯出版畫冊《生命的畫布》。